MyLowesLife is a login portal designed and managed by the Lowe’s Store for its employees. This portal can be utilized both by current and former employees of the company. Here is everything you need to know about My Lowes Life employee portal, how to log in, and whom do you contact in case you have any issues with the portal.



There are many benefits to the Lowes employee portal. This Mylowes service makes employees’ life better and easy. Here are a few benefits they can get :

  • Current work schedule
  • Work-related emails
  • Option to change/trade your present shifts
  • Managing your paychecks and benefits
  • Applying for promotions

MyLowesLife Login

In order to log in to your MyLowesLife portal account, you need to check if you have the following things :

  1. Sales Number
  2. Password
  3. An active internet connection
  4. A secure browser (Firefox or Google Chrome)

If you are a new employee and do not have your password with you, then you have to contact your HR department and they will help to get your login credentials. If you are an old employee, then keep your login credentials handy before log in to your Lowes account.

My Lowes Life – Current Employee Login

Current employees can access the portal website at or they can simply click here to go to the login page.

  • A webpage will appear before you asking for your Sales Number and password.
  • Your Sales Number is actually your User ID.
  • Enter your Sales Number.
  • Then proceed to the next field where you have to type the password.
  • Now press on the “Login” button.

myloweslife login

  • After successful login, you will see two types of employment options – Part-Time and Full-Time Employee.
  • Choose the one which is applicable to you.
  • Now you are all set to access your employment-related information. Former Employee Login

Just like its current employees, Lowe’s Store has also kept the option for former Lowes employee Login. These are the benefits lowes former employees can get from the portal:

  1. Check Health Care Plan of Lowe’s Store for its former employees
  2. Your Employment Details with Lowe’s
  3. Catch-Up with colleagues
  4. Pension Plans designed for former employees
  5. 401(K) Plans

Lowes sso Login – Former Employees

Even you are a former employee of Lowes, you have to access the same URL that current employees use to access your account. To avoid any confusion, do follow the steps given below :

  • Go to
  • On the home page, you can see “Are you a former Lowe’s employee” heading.
  • You need to click there to access HR-related information

my lowes life employee portal

  • A new webpage will be loaded. Give it some time to open it completely.
  • Enter your User ID and Password
  • Click on Log On and visit your account

Lowes Life Kronos Login

MyLowesLife Kronos is a special login feature available to Lowe’s employees. It gives them direct access to all sorts of information related to their work and employment. Lowes Kronos Login is an effective means of managing a large workforce. You can reach Lowes Login Kronos simply by using the Kronos App or your My Lowes Life Login portal.

My Lowes Life Login Problems:

Sometimes employees of the company may face problems accessing the portal. Here are the possible issues you are facing. You can fix them up easily.

  1. Your password issue: If the system is showing there is something wrong with your password, that may be due to 2 reasons. One is you entered a wrong password. The second one is your password has been expired. You should check the caps lock button before you enter the password and try again because it is case sensitive. In case you forgot your password, there is no option but to reset it. You need to reset it even you see the password has been expired error.
  2. My Lowes Life account locked up: If you are facing this issue, you must contact the IT cell and seek help. There is nothing else anyone can do about this. They will help you.
  3. MyLoweslife is down? Every site faces downtime. There may be various reasons for this. All you can do when the portal is down is to wait for some time and try again.
  4. Kronos missing from Myloweslife: if you notice Kronos or MyHR missing from your lowes account, you should talk to your HR to help you with it.

There are various benefits of the Mylowesbenefits portal. Here are a few:

  1. You can check labor benefits
  2. There are various benefits related to unemployment.
  3. You can also find information related to earned leaves.
  4. If you need tooth insurance, you can get it from the portal
  5. Are you a retiree and planning pension? Then you can choose a lucrative pension plan for you.
  6. Employees can opt for life insurance for themselves and their loved ones.

If you have not created an account yet, you can register for it easily.

 MyLowesLife Contact Information

If you are an employee of Lowe’s and have questions related to your MyLowesLife Login, call them at the following numbers.

  • You can contact Lowe’s Benefits Centre by dialing 1-844-475-6937 from the United States. If you are outside the United States, then dial 1-312-843-5251 to reach them. They are open to you from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm (Eastern Time) on all days from Monday to Friday.
  • If you are looking to connect with Lowe’s HR department, then dial 1-336-6583535 or 1-888-HRINFO5.
  • You can reach MyLowesLife Customer Care Service at 1-800-445-6937.
  • You can also talk directly to Lowe’s Store corporate office by dialing 1-704-758-1000.