Lowes Schedule – New Changes & How to Check Work Schedule ?

As many people work with Lowe’s Store as part-time employees and have to work on different shifts, it is the most convenient way to keep a tab on their lowes schedules by log in to their My Llowes Life Kronos Portal. This platform helps employees to check their Lowes schedules from anywhere. They also receive notifications of important tasks and updates on work schedule so that they never forget any of them.

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How do I Check Lowes Schedule

We are sharing a step-by-step guide on how to login to your MyLlowesLife employee portal account to check the work schedule.

  • Go to the official portal of My Lowes Life
  • Give correct login details and click on Log on
  • Click on Kronos Tab and get information related to your Lowes Work Schedule

If you need more detailed guide on portal login, you can read our Lowes Employee Login article. This has explained everything in detail

You can use Kronos app too to check your work schedule. This application is available on Google Play Store. You can check Lowes Kronos Login guide to know more information about the app and how to use it without issues.

There are chances you may not remember your account password. You can easily reset your password easily. To do that, you need to go to your work place and reset the password easily. You can not do that from your home.

New Lowes Work Schedule Changes :

Lowes have recently changed scheduling policies. They have introduced customer centric schedule system. This is actually to have the employees available at the stores all the time. Though the idea behind this is good, employees at Lowes are not happy about this. Some current and former employees are complaining about the new changes.

The company switched from four week rotation to customer-centric-scheduling. Before this full time workers were getting one weekend off every month. Now the new scheduling system gives them one weekend off every eight weeks.

According to the company spokesperson, the new schedule system helps them to provide consistent work schedules for Lowe’s full time workers.

Lowes Employee HR Information

When you are having issues with your work schedule and looking for assistance, you can take the following’s help.

  • If you are looking to have a talk with Lowe’s HR department, then dial 1-336-6583535 or 1-888-HRINFO5.
  • You can also call MyLowesLife Customer Care Service at 1-800-445-6937.
  • You can reach directly to Lowe’s Store corporate office by calling them at 1-704-758-1000.

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